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12.29.2013 - blockbaptan sorta happened omg

131013 [ block b first win ]
120214 [ bap first win ]

140826 4 Things Show - Zico's current state 

  • Zico: The person I know? I'm not sure. If I have OCD, I think it's more so applied to myself. (Picks up item) For example, if this is me, I would set it down and if dust starts to pile, then I'll dust it off. I keep playing with it, observing it, and disassembling it in wanting to upgrade myself.
  • Psychologist: Your results are out. Judging by your brain activity when you need to use it and seeing if it's properly balanced, your brain can't rest, seeing as your score for your brain relaxation is 21. A normal person's brain relaxation score is 30 or more so you're lacking in this area.
  • Zico: I can't fall asleep right away. For about an hour and half in bed, thoughts will be running through my mind. There are even times when I forget my lyrics that I know on stage. Even if I have sung it a ton of times, I'll forget it when I get on stage; I constantly keep thinking of other things. Weird thoughts keep running through my mind in midst of performing. Looking back on it, I think my brain's hardware is just at a state of outputting and nothing is being put in. My brain is like a motor, constantly at a state of running and running. It too needs a cooling off period but because it's been running continually, the motor's become overheated and it's now at the brink of exploding. For the first time ever, I felt like I really needed to rest.

Anonymous inquired: "i keep searching the internet for taewoon with a middle-part but i can't find anything! do you have any pictures of it?"

aw ur so cute lol yeah of course i do im gonna scream in a minute istg i cant do ths ok here


sometimes when i see taeil i just forget the rest of block b exist like they all hoard themselves around him let him breathe he dont want none of u anyways